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Please bear with me folks but all this was before the full advent of digital photography so most of the stuff was scanned !!   Also we failed to take any worthwhile pictures on the journey until we eventually got all the way to the Atlantic !!!

Let’s start………….

Bird watching ?

After a long haul across central Africa from Harare to Swakomund on the Atlantic coast.  I was accused of bird watching ?

Swakopmund promenade at about six in the morning.

(I rather liked the “Palm Tree” cell phone tower !)

108 miles north of Swakopmund is this huge “service station” and the last fuel for 600 kilometers

The Namib Desert is indeed a desert !

The road up the Skeleton Coast is not too well defined !

A long way north of Mile 108 you turn right !

The Namibian scenery is awsome !

I told you it was awsome ! 





The scenery stays and you eventually turn left to Sesfontein

The Welwitchia is indeed a strange plant

There is an old German Fort in Sesfontein.
It now operates as an hotel. 



Andrew gets the scenery on Video

The road to Opuwo was certainly not boring !

Get ready for the amazing Epupa Falls on the Kunene River ! The far bank is Angola !

We were all dumbstruck as this was revealed !   Our camp site was in the palms on the right

Stunningly beautiful ! 



Our first night under canvas so Jan and Andrew celebrate an exciting day !

I came looking for a Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush and we found plenty of them !                 © 2003 — T. Sirotkin

Adenium boehmianum – a rare relative of the Sabi Star or Impala Lily

The Kunene River is a tranquil and beautiful thing !

The next stop was Etosha Pan

Springbok are very common

A nice big Giraffe

The Pan seems to go forever

The Black-faced Impala is only found here and southern Angola

The rare and diminutive Damara Dik-dik 

We got a bit close to this chap !

A wonderful camping dinner at Namutoni

En-route to Botswana we stayed at the delightful Roy’s Camp outside Grootfontein

Namibia provides great highway rest stops.
This one is in the heart of the Caprivi Strip

After weeks of daily driving we relaxed for days at Drotsky’s Camp near Shakawe on the Okavango River

At Drotsky’s we have Bill and Ben the flower pot men

I told you we relaxed !

Jan fishing

Dan and Daryll also relaxed !
(Sadly, a few years ago,  Dan lost his battle with cancer.)

I went birding…….
The near endemic Swamp Boubou

The enigmatic Pel’s Fishing Owl

A beautiful Kudu cow in Mahengo National Park

Andrew looking for crocodiles !

The Mahengo Bums !!

We did a day trip to Tsodilo Hills – the road was much improved.

Tony & Jan

The kalahari is pretty empty !

Cool colours

The colours change with the light

Different Lichens make up the colours

Inspecting rock paintings of a Penguin and a Whale !!

Our last Okavango sunset

We crossed the flooded Chobe River

Greg Watson met us in Victoria Falls

Cold beers at the Vic Falls Hotel……

…..were enjoyed by all !

Evidence that we were finally back in Zimbabwe !