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Arriving at the delightful resort of Rio Savane

The Entrance

The Resort

The crowded beach !

The Rio Savane road can be difficult after rain.

The road to Chinizua wasn’t too good either …..

And it rained again !

Before you get to Chinizua you pass through the metropolis of Muanza

Alex Masterson and Chris Wall entering what is left of the Chinizua forest

First they “Slash” !!

Then they “Burn” – absolutely horrific !!

A bigger view – compare the tree far left to the Land Rover !

All for the timber !

Stag Horn Ferns grow to incredible sizes – this is the size of a large desk

This is what land mines do to trains !

The cost of war is high !

The cost of de-mining is also very high……

There is some magnificent miombo woodland around Muanza

On the way to Mount Gorongosa you cross the war damaged Pungwe River bridge

You can see Mount Gorongosa from miles away !

The top of the mountain is rugged

And beautiful !

And the view is like – Wow !!

And proof that we were actually up there …..

The wonderful hardwood “Panga Panga” (Millettia stuhlmannii) is common on the mountain

We sayed at “The Big Tree Motel” in Vunduzi

Central Business District – Vunduzi

Borasus Palm trunks welcome you to Gorongosa National Park

Punctures were a big problem

The Gorongosa flood plain is awsome !

And after all that memory jogging stuff  I guess I need to get back to Moçambique !!

Any takers ?